dubble is a place where users can mix photos with other people; creating awesome images and making fun connections with people. With this in mind we want it to be an open place where everyone feels welcome so we’ve created some simple dos and don’ts


Respect everyone, be nice and accept that dubble is a global community where everyone should feel comfortable

Upload photos you have taken and images that are your copyright

Mention dubble when sharing images you have created when using our platform

Mention the other dubbler you have mixed with when sharing images created using dubble

Like, comment and add users you like as favourites and take part in competitions and events

Get in touch if you want to mix your brand imagery with our users

Report users who you believe are being inappropriate or not following our “don’t” section below

Enjoy dubble and embrace the element of surprise!


Don’t be nasty!

Don’t upload content that may offend others.

Don’t mix photos that you don’t own

Don’t be offensive when commenting on dubbles or singles

Don’t upload inappropriate images (nudity, substance abuse or rude words… you know the rest)

Don’t upload ugly photos they will not miraculously turn into awesome dubbles

Don’t use dubble to mix your logo or brand with our users without consent

Don’t download other people’s dubbles and mix them

Don’t use dubble to sell your dubbles

Don’t sell your dubbles without consent from the other dubbler you mixed with

Don’t remove credits of the dubbles when you share them on other platforms

We’re nice guys at dubble but if you step over the line we can remove your account without warning.

If you find anything offensive on dubble please report it via the app or email us help@dubble.me

Finally if you don’t think you can follow our simple guidelines then perhaps you should consider not using dubble.

Let’s all be friends and make dubbles together (safely)